Strike Force Racing

A club for individuals wanting to stay healthy, active and participate in triathlons, running or cycling events. Created and supported by Gena Alvarez, certified IRONMAN triathlon coach.

We are a group of individuals, more like a family, here to support each other no matter the goal, whether it is just to stay in shape, this is your first time getting into the sport, or an active athlete wanting to get a new personal record.

Get personal training plans for any running, cycling, duathlon or triathlon

Join free group rides and open water swims

Enjoy drop-in pool and track practices to improve form

Gain a new supportive family

"StrikeForceRacing has literally changed my life! I am stronger and better because of Coach Gena Alvarez and my amazing teammates, who are not just teammates, they are my family!!!" - Brandi Watkins

We are happy to announce that Stike Force Racing is partnering with TXTRI for more training opportunities - 6/26/18

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